Add Pay Only

ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Add Pay Only<udl-white> | <udl-white>Edit Pay Only<udl-white>

A pay only visit doesn't require an order.  It can be added from the patient schedule by clicking on the <icon-greenplussign>xxx<icon-greenplussign> <udl-orange>Add Pay Only<udl-orange> link.</udl-orange></udl-orange></icon-greenplussign></icon-greenplussign>

Choose the agency you want to add the pay only for..

Choose the patient...

Choose the associate...

Choose the service...

Enter the date for the visit...

You can also enter service time from and to

and/or the duration.

You can also enter comments in the pay only that will appear on the scheduling icon as a note AND

as a note on the <udl-blue>Associate Time Entry<udl-blue></udl-blue></udl-blue> screen.

You can search for patient's by either clicking the drop down or <icon-magnify>xxx<icon-magnify><udl-orange>Find Patient<udl-orange></udl-orange></udl-orange></icon-magnify></icon-magnify>

Enter the name of the patient or just click <btnw>   Search   <btnw> </btnw></btnw>

Choose the patient you want to add the Pay Only visit for and select <btnw>    Save   <btnw> </btnw></btnw>

You can also search for the associate by clicking the drop down or clicking on <icon-magnify>xxx<icon-magnify><udl-orange>Find Associate<udl-orange> </udl-orange></udl-orange></icon-magnify></icon-magnify>

Enter the associates name or select <btnw>   Search   <btnw> </btnw></btnw>

Choose the associate and select <btnw>    Save   <btnw> when you are finished.</btnw></btnw>

You can either click on <btnw>   Schedule/Continue   <btnw> to return to the patient's schedule...</btnw></btnw>

or <btnw>    Schedule/Add More    <btnw> to schedule another Pay Only.</btnw></btnw>

You can edit the pay only by right clicking on the visit and selecting <icon-editpencil>xxx<icon-editpencil>Edit</icon-editpencil></icon-editpencil>

Make the necessary changes and select <btnw>   Save   <btnw> when finished.</btnw></btnw>

To cancel a pay only visit, right click on the visit and select the <icon-trashcan>xxx<icon-trashcan>Cancel</icon-trashcan></icon-trashcan>

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