Delete Invoice

As part of the new PDGM process, we will be creating RAPs 2 days prior to the next billing period/next certification period.   If you discharge the Patient before the end of the current certification period, you will need to be able to delete those RAPs that you do not need.  You now have a process that will let you delete the RAPs that were created but no longer needed.  

To delete a RAP, the invoice status must be either “unbilled” or “RAP”, no charges or expected reimbursement is attached to the invoice, no service transactions, no accounts receivable transactions (adjusts/payments), Patient Encounter has a discharge date prior to the invoice “from” date.  

To delete a RAP go to A/R > Invoices > Find/Select the Invoice you want to delete (invoice detail displays), select the “Delete” <icon-trashcan>xxx<icon-trashcan> icon that appears next to the Invoice number (pop-up window displays to confirm the delete). You will be asked if you want to confirm that you want to delete the RAP invoice. </icon-trashcan></icon-trashcan>

Click here to learn more about <udl-blue>Deleting Invoice<udl-blue></udl-blue></udl-blue>.
To add privilege go to Settings > Security > Roles > Choose the role you want to add the privilege to > Click on the Magnifying glass to the right of the role > Under Permissions scroll down to > Accounts Receivable > Invoices > Click the check box to the left of “Delete Invoice > Save.

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