Receiving Orders From The Physician

When the physician signs the orders that have been emailed to him in the physician portal, the received date will be automatically populated. When the physician returns the orders to you per Fax or Mail, you will need to enter the date the orders were received and attach them to the Order itself.  You will notice a small calendar to the right of the order once it has been sent. Select this calendar <icon-calendar>xxx<icon-calendar> icon to enter the received dates.

You can now enter the received date as well as the date the F2F was completed.  You also have an area to enter any comments that you may want to enter.  Select <btnw>    Save   <btnw> when you are finished.


Most interim orders that you create require a Physician or other approved provider's signature. If you need to create an interim order that does not require a signature from the Physician or other approved provider, you can check the "Signature Not Required" box when you edit the sent and received dates. By checking this box:

The status of the Order shows "Signature Not Required" and the Sent/Received and FTF columns show "N/A".

Interactive Tutorial