Review Message


Additionally, you can view all internal messages sent through the Patient Encounters option for that Patient. To create a Patient Encounter Note from a previously "sent" message, select the <udl-orange>Review Message<udl-orange> link

Review Messages pop-up displays showing all messages sent regarding this Patient. When you enter Patient messages through the Patient Encounter option, you can print one or multiples messages entered. Additionally, you can now add "sent" messages to the Patient Encounter, <udl>Notes<udl> tab. Messages added to the <udl>Notes<udl> tab become a part of the Patient Encounter master file record and print on the Patient Fact Report. Select the drop down <btn>   All      ▾   <btn> to the right of Note Type

Choose the Note Type that you want to add from the drop down list.

Check the box within the "Add Note" column for one or multiple messages you want to include as part of the Patient's medical record

Select the <btn>   Process    <btn> button

Selected/Processed notes now show on the Patient Encounter, <udl>Notes<udl> tab. Notes that appear on this tab print on the Patient Fact Report.

You can also export the selected notes by selecting the export check box

Select the <btnw>   Close   <btnw> to close.

Associates that receive messages can view messages by selecting the <bkg-gray> Unread Messages (nn)<bkg-gray>  link that appears on the menu tool bar

All open messages initially display. Messages sent from the Patient Encounter display a link in the "Solution" column that reads <udl-orange>Regards to Patient<udl-orange>. Select this link to display the Patient Encounter.

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