The Igea Point ofCare is designed to work on any device connected to the internet. Desktop…


Or mobile.


You can access the application by either selecting IPOC from the Igea.com home screen or by going to https://ipocaws.indurasystems.com.  If you use the URL, you will have to enter your user name and password.  If you launch IPOC from Myigea.com, you’ll automatically be logged in.  


Across the top you can use the toolbar to navigate the application.  


By default when you login, you will be viewing the “ScheduledTasks” screen, which consists of your scheduled visits and stand alone documents for the current day.  


Pending Documents is a list of all the forms or documents assigned to you that need to be completed up to the current date.  So they could be for previous dates, just not future dates. These may be stand alone forms, or forms attached to a visit.  You’ll learn more about how to work with forms in the “Working With Forms” section.


Next is EMR or in other words, “Electronic Medical Records”.  By default, you’ll see a list of patients with active cert periods.  

iMail works similar to regular email, except that it is secure so that you can message other users in your organization regarding patient records.


You can also go back to myigea.com


The Support button will display a window with the Igea Support Teams contact information.

And you can logout which we recommend you do whenever you are not using the application.

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