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Managing Users

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As an Administrative User, you can:

Let’s start with Adding A New User. From the home screen, hover over “Manage Company” at the top right corner.

Select “Manage Users”

A list of all users within your organization will display.  You can see their user name

Full name

Which applications they have access to

If they are a My Igea Administrator

Whether they view/edit patient social security numbers

Their last login time

Whether or not they have a time restriction

And the option to resent an invitation email

To add a user, click “Create User” at the bottom left

Enter the user’s email address, which is required

Along with their first and last names

On the right, select the applications the user should have access to.  Note you can only select applications your agency has contracted with Igea.  All others will be disabled

You can also enable the user to be an admin user

And if they need access to be able to view/edit patient social security numbers

Once finished, click “Create User”. 

The system will ask you if you want to edit the permissions of the user you just created.  You can cancel and edit permissions later.

Let’s click “OK”.

In the roles screen that displays, you’ll see your organizations listed across the top

The Igea Roles / Permissions will be listed on the left

If you select a location, all permissions will be enabled for that location.

You can then go through and clear any permissions the user should not have access to. 

Rather than checking a location, you can select individual permissions under each location. If you have any questions about permissions and how they impact a users functionality, contact an Igea Representative.

When you are finished, click “Save Changes” 

The permissions will be saved and the user has been created. 

Once the user has been created, they will be sent an invitation email so that they can setup their account. 

In the last column, notice the “Resend Invitation” icon. This is only available if the user has not yet setup their account. Click the icon to resend the invitation email if needed.

In order to edit the user’s permissions, selecting the manage roles icon next to the Igea HHC checkbox. 

To modify a user’s information, application access or delete a user, select their username or full name.  

The only thing that can not be changed is their user name. 

At the bottom you can delete the user if needed but note this will permanently delete the user from the system.

If no changes have been made, click “Manage Users” to go back to the “Manage Users” screen

Or if you’ve made changes, click “Save Changes”.

Lastly, if you need to restrict a users’ access for specific dates and times, you can select “No” under the time restriction column.

Note, you cannot select “No” for admin users. Only non-admin users can have time restrictions

Select “No” for one of the non-admin users.

Then select “Yes” to add time restrictions.

The days of the week will display.  Simply add the hours the user is allowed to access the Igea Applications. 

Select the correct time zone

In this case the user only have access to the Igea Applications M-F from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central Standard Time.  Once you are finished, click “Save”.

Notice that the “Time Restriction” column now displays “Yes”, which you can select to make modifications if needed.

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