Logging In & Basic Navigation

Electronic Medical Records, by default, you’ll see a list of patients with active cert periods.  


But you can view patients with “Inactive Cert Periods”


Or select “Patient” to search for a specific patient.


Select the paperclip or the arrow to view the patients EMR.


The EMR is structured similar to a paper record.  There is the main folder at the top. The one with the patients name.


Then in that folder, there are sub-folders to officially categorize all of the records.  


You can collapse or expand folders as needed by selecting the “+” or “-“ icons.


At the top you can search for a specific item within the EMR. This can be helpful for patients with extensive records.  


To view an item, simply select it.  


The forms that need to be completed for that visit will be displayed.  You will learn more about working with Visits and Forms in another section.


Let’s go back to the PDF tree.  If it is a PDF, it will open in a new window.

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