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Getting Started

One of the great things about Igea.com is you can access all of your Igea software from one location. In this short tutorial you’ll learn how to:

Once your agency is ready for you to have access to Igea software, you’ll receive an email that looks like this. 

Click the link and you’ll be taken to a webpage to create your account.  Fill out the details and you’re ready to go. 

Note the password must be at least 8 characters long and include one capital letter and one special character. 

Once your account if created, you will always go to myigea.com to login. We recommend using Microsoft Edge to get the best experience possible. And if you haven’t done so already, add myigea.com to your favorites for easy access. 

Browse Igea specific announcements

And stay connected to the latest industry buzz.

If you need software assistance, our support teams contact information is listed as well. 

Okay, let’s login.  Enter the username and password you setup when you created your account. 

If at any time you forget your password, you can always click the “Forgot your password” link to have an email sent to you to create a new password. 

Let’s login

Each time you login, you’ll be prompted to review a legal disclaimer

Click “OK” to proceed. This will take you to the Home Screen.

Interactive Tutorial