Dashboard is a management tool that provides a graphical picture of several facets of your agency operations. It includes data such as financial results, payer information, and patient and associate statistics.

Dashboard presents current and historical snapshots of business operations that can be used to predict future results based on trends. This is commonly referred to as business intelligence. To that end, the purpose of Dashboard is to provide information to help analyze your agency operations and make better business decisions.


There are several modules available in Careficient and they display in the banner across the top of your screen. Click the Dashboard link to access the selection screen.

Some users have additional selections before clicking the Dashboard link, but only if they are responsible for setting up budgets, targets, or goals used for comparison purposes. This includes dates associated with week, month and year-end for the organization.


Dashboard provides you with tools to diagnose problems quickly and initiate corrective action. You can access information about your location as well as evaluate performance against budgeted or targeted standards set by your organization. Because you can present data for a variety of different timeframes and compare the results over time, you have up-to-date information with which to evaluate performance.


When you set up Dashboard, you set preferences for displaying budgets, organizational standards, and benchmarks in Careficient. The settings that you select determine how important data (such as budgets and agency costs) displays in Careficient.


Dashboard in Careficient can help analyze several facets of operations for your agency. As part of this analysis, it can be helpful to look at the settings for the display of important data. In Careficient, Dashboard data displays with the following conventions:

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