Add Payment

ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Add Payment<udl-white>

SETUP: <udl-white>Payment Source<udl-white>


To add a payment, go to A/R > Add Payment.

ADD PAYMENT SOURCE <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

To add a payment source, either click on the drop down to choose from most recent payer sources OR

Click on <icon-magnify>xxx<icon-magnify> <udl-orange>Add Payment Source<udl-orange>.  

Enter the payment source and select the drop down <btn>   select method       ▾ <btn> to the right of "Payment Method".   

Choose your payment method from the drop down. This will also add the Payment Source to the Lookup Tables.

Select the <btnw>    Save   <btnw>.

Payment Method should auto-populate with the choice you entered when adding the Payment Source. Enter the payment amount, remit date, deposit date, reference number and then select the drop down 

<btnw>   None       ▾ <btnw> to the right of "Apply Payment To".

Choose the account to apply the payment to

Select the drop down <btnw>   <select>       ▾ <btnw>  to the right of "Note Type".

Choose the Note Type.

You can enter a note if you want to. Select <btnw>    Save/Apply    <btnw>.  You also have the option to “Cancel”.

APPLY PAYMENT <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

This will take you to the "Apply Payment" screen. You can search by Status. Select the drop down

<btnw>   Open       ▾  <btnw> to the right of "Status".

Choose your status type.

You can search by "Invoice #"...

Patient First or Last name...

or Payer Name...

FIND INVOICES <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

Select <btnw>    FInd Invoices  <btnw> when you are ready to search.

Clicking on the Invoice number will take you to the invoice.

Clicking on the check box applies the balance to the "Amount To Apply" column.

Or you can manually enter an amount to apply

Select the drop down <btnw>   < Select >     ▾ <btnw>  under "Responsible Payer"

Choose your payer.

Click <btnw>    Apply    <btnw> or <btnw>    Clear All    <btnw>. You also have the option to <btnw>    Cancel    <btnw>.

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