Agency Accounts

ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Agency Accounts<udl-white>

SETUP: <udl-white>Agency Payment Type<udl-white>


Receiving timely and accurate payment for services is important to the success of your location. The ability to apply the payments to invoices upon receipt is equally important to maximizing cash flow for your organization.

Agency Accounts are where you post payments received that  you can’t post to a patient invoice.    Agency Accounts can include:  

On occasion, you may not be able to apply payments to invoices because the payment isn’t for a patient invoice or you need to research the payment before it can be applied.  The Agency Accounts payment option lets you post the payment at the agency level, as opposed to at the patient level.

The Agency Account detail information displays the  payment source you attached to the payment when you added the payment into Careficient.  Additionally, you will be able to filter by  the payment source. To view/filter payments applied to Agency Accounts, use  the following path:

  1.  A/R
  2. Agency Accounts

The page initially displays all agencies that have payments posted to that agency.   Select the drop down <btn>   < select an agency >   ▾ <btn> to the right of Agency.

Note:  If you do not have any payments posted to Agency Accounts, no information displays and there will not be an agency to select from the dropdown list.

The page initially displays all agency account payment types for the location or locations. Select the drop down <btn>   < select a payment type >  ▾ <btn> to the right of Payment Type.

Payment types can include the following:

You can sort on the columns that display on the page by selecting the column header for Agency Account...

Payment Type Code...

Payment Type Description...

Or Balance.

Both the Agency Name <udl-orange>Lousiana Labour of Love<udl-orange>

and the <icon-magnify>xxx<icon-magnify> icon are links to display remittance information for the payment type you select on the Agency Account "Remittances Applied To" page

From the Agency Account - Remittances Applied To page, you can view remittance detail information as well as reverse payments previously applied to an agency account up to the amount of the payment. (Example:  Applied amount is $5,825.00 – maximum amount to reverse is $5,825.00.)  Additionally, you can apply up to the Remit Balance to that Agency account (Example:  remit amount is $10,000, remit balance is $1,325.00.   $1,325.00 is the maximum amount you can apply to this Agency account.)

Note:  Payments that you reversed from an Agency account are posted on the Payments page so that the payment can be applied to a patient invoice or another agency account.
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