ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Bereavement Report<udl-white>


A Bereavement Report is available for deceased patients that have contacts listed with “Bereavement” listed as one of their “Contact Types”.

To create this report, go to

  1. Reports
  2. Bereavement

Select an Agency by selecting the drop down <btn>   All Items Checked    ▾   <btn> to the right of Agency .

Start of Care Date range - lets you further filter the information based on Patient's Start of Care date

Bereavement Start Dates (uses the system date when you discharge the patient unless you change the Bereavement Start Date in the Patient Encounter, Profile tab)

Enter at least one date range to process the report. Dates of Death (uses discharge date and one of the “expired” discharge reasons)

Bereavement End Dates (uses the Bereavement End Dates that you entered/updated in the Patient Encounter, Profile tab)

Select the Search  button (Bereavement information displays on the screen)

Select the Export  button to create the report.

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Bereavement <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>

Bereavement <btnw>   Spreadsheet     ▾  <btnw>

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