Form Data

ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Form Data Reports<udl-white>


To run a report on your Incident, Infection or Associate Infections, go to

  1. Reports
  2. Form - Data Reports

Select the drop down <btn>   All Items Checked  ▾ <btn> to the right of Agency to choose your agenc(ies).

Enter your date ranges. You can filter by Completed Date Ranges or ...

Date Reported.

Indicate which type of report you want to export...

Indicate whether or not you want a detail report or a summary report.  You can also choose both

Click Select the <btnw>   Export   <btnw> button when you have finished setting all of your options. when you are finished.

REPORTS <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

Incident Detail Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw> includes:

Incident Summary Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes: 

Infection Detail Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

Infection Summary Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

Associate Infection Detail Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

Associate Infection Summary Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

Incident Follow-Up Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

Incident Follow-Up Report <btnw>   PDF     ▾  <btnw>  includes:

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