Home Health Patient Survey

ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Home Health Patient Survey<udl-white>


In order for patient's to appear on the Home Health Patient Survey report, the following conditions must be met:

You can create the patient survey information required for HHCAHPS reporting. To create patient survey information go to

  1. Processes
  2. Home Health Patient Survey

SET DEFAULTS <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

The following information displays on the Patient Survey page. You can set up your Patient Satisfaction Survey vendor as a “default” so that when you access the menu option, your vendor’s name will appear in the export dropdown list.  To set you vendor as the “default” in the export dropdown list, select the <udl-orange>Set Defaults<udl-orange> link.

Choose the vendor of your choice and select the <btnw>    Save   <btnw> button.  Depending on the vendor you use, you can include/exclude the column headings based on the vendor's requirements for submission. As part of this process, you can include multiple vendor headings if you have multiple agencies that submit this information to different vendors.

The vendor you selected displays in the "Export" dropdown list. Each time you access the Patient Survey Menu option, this vendor displays in the "export" dropdown list unless you change it by setting a different vendor as your default. Each user that creates the patient satisfaction survey report must set their own default "Export" option. Choose the drop down to find the specific format that your survey vendor requires.

Choose the Month/Year for the export

NEXT PROCESSING WARNING DATE <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

Next Processing Warning Date - defaults to the first of each month but can be changed. Based on the date in this field, you will receive a Work Basket action item letting you know that you have to run the report for the previous completed month (i.e., 04/2022 will show 06/01/2022; when you create the report for 05/2022, the date will show 07/01/2022; the action item remains in Work Basket until you create that month's report).

SHOW HISTORY <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu> 

To view the export history, select the <udl-orange>Show History<udl-orange> link.

Selecting this link displays a pop-up that shows each time someone generates the survey spreadsheet, the survey vendor selected, when it was created and when you should process the next's month's report

FILTERS <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

You can filter by selecting the drop down <btn>   All     ▾   <btn> under Agency

You can filter by selecting the drop down <btn>   All     ▾   <btn> under Agency Type.

Click <btnw>   Search   <btnw> when you are finished with your filters.

EXPORT <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

Select the <btnw>   Export   <btnw> button when you have finished setting all of your options. This will create a spreadsheet for you to upload to your surveyor.

NOTE: For patients to show up on the Home Health Patient Survey, you would need to have a locked OASIS record for SOC, ROC, Recert or Follow-Up and verified services for the encounter.  

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