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An organization is a group that works together to carry out a process. Regions and agencies are components of your organization. Agencies belong to regions, and regions belong to the organization.  In Careficient organizations can have multiple agencies in several regions. This document outlines how to set up an organization and it's hierarchy of regions and agencies. Only users with specific role-based permissions can modify the organizational hierarchy.  


Before you can start working in Careficient, you must complete several forms and return them to Careficient. Careficient uses the information on the forms to add your organization to Careficient.  Once your organization is added, you can create a hierarchy by setting up regions and agencies. The logical order of setting up the Org/Region/Agency hierarchy is as follows:

1. You complete the setup forms for your organization and return them to Careficient.

2. Careficient adds your organization to Careficient.

3. You add regions to your organization.

4. You add agencies to your regions.

To get to the Org/Region/Agency Settings go to

  1. Settings
  2. Org / Region / Agency
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