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As part of a Physician’s oversight management of clinical care provided to Hospice patients, Physicians must review and sign all orders related to patient care, including the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) review as well as the certification/ recertification statements that indicate why the patient qualifies for Hospice care.   Agencies must retain all signed physician documents for services provided to each patient.  Additionally, referring/primary care physicians must also sign the initial certification statement indicating why the patient qualifies for Hospice care.    

The Careficient Agency Management System (AMS) allows offices to document physician’s orders, certification/recertification statements, as well as IDT review documentation needed to support patient care.    

For physicians that are also set up as Associates (i.e., Hospice Medical Director, Hospice Nurse Practitioner) you will be able to “link their Associate file to their Physician file, allowing them to sign orders using the Associate sign-in access. For physicians that choose to use this feature, this will eliminate mailing/faxing information to physicians for their signature as well as returning signed documents to the agency for their clinical records.

PHYSICIAN ACCESS <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

To give an internal Physician (an associate of the Hospice agency) permission to sign orders and IDT documents, you must “link” their associate master file record with their physician master file record. Go to

  1. Resources
  2. Associates

Find/Select your Physician that is also an Associate of your Agency, or click here to <icon-greenplussign>xxx<icon-greenplussign> <udl-orange>Add Associate<udl-orange>.  When adding a physician to the Associate file or updating an exiting associate file for a physician, make sure that you assign either "Medical Director", "Physician" or "Nurse Practitioner" as their Discipline.

Click on the Website Tab

Select the <icon-greenplussign>xxx<icon-greenplussign> <udl-orange>Add Connected to Physicians<udl-orange> link that is listed on the right side under the “Connected To Physicians” section.

NOTE:  If the physician does not exist in the Referral Sources file, you will be asked if you want to create the Physician.    

This will only add the Physician’s name to that file.   Be sure to access the Physician file and update Contact Info, Notes (as necessary) Credentials and Documents (as necessary) tabs.   It is not necessary to set up the Website tab in the Referral Sources file.

If the physician is already setup in your agency, you will get a pop-up to choose the physician that you want to attach to the associate file.  Choose that physician and click <btnw>    Save   <btnw> </btnw></btnw>

You will now see the associate connected to the physician in the Associate Master File > Website Tab.

REVIEW/APPROVE/DISAPPROVE ORDERS <returntomenu>menu ↑<returntomenu>

Physicians that are associates of the Hospice will use their Associate ID and Password to sign in to the Careficient application.  After signing in, the Physician has the following options available to access, review and sign orders.

Go to Reports > Orders Report to access the Orders Report which provides a listing of all orders for a specific timeframe with a link to access the Patient Encounter. Click here to learn more about Orders Report

Go to Patients > Patient Encounter to find/access a specific Patient Encounter record.  Click here to learn more about Patient Encounters

Choose your patient by selecting the <udl-orange>McNaughton, James A<udl-orange> link or the magnifying <icon-magnify>xxx<icon-magnify> icon.

Select the Orders Tab

Click on the Drop Down <icon-action>xxx<icon-action> for any order that is in the "Approved" status.

Select the <icon-editpencil>xxx<icon-editpencil> <udl-orange>Apply Physician Signature<udl-orange> link from the pop-up list.  Click her to learn more about Associate Signature Application

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