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ROLE PRIVILEGES NEEDED: <udl-white>Add / Upload Facility Documents<udl-white> | <udl-white>View Facility Documents<udl-white> | <udl-white>Delete Facility Documents<udl-white>


To upload and attach documentation to a facility, go to Resources > Facilities

Find/Select a facility from the list

Select the <udl>Documents<udl> tab

UPLOAD DOCUMENT <returntomenu>menu↑<returntomenu>

Select the <udl-orange>Upload Document<udl-orange> link (Upload file pop-up displays)

  1. Select the <btn>   Choose File  <btn> button (your directory displays) and Find/Select a file you want to upload. Select the <btn>   Open   <btn> button (Upload file pop-up displays showing the file you selected)
  2. Attach To -Defaults to Facility
  3. Document Type - Select an option from the "Document Type" dropdown list
  4. Document Status - Select an option from the "Document Status" dropdown list
  5. Description - Enter Description
  6. Note - Enter Note as necessary
  7. Upload / Close - Select Upload / Close to add the record and return to previous screen
  8. Upload / Add More - Select <btn>  Upload/Add More   <btn> button to continue uploading more documents
  9. Cancel - choose to cancel adding and close out

Documents you uploaded display within the Documents grid on the <udl>Documents<udl> tab. You can select the document description (orange link), to view/print the document you uploaded.

VIEW UPLOADED DOCUMENT <returntomenu>menu↑<returntomenu>

To view an uploaded document, select the Document Description Link.

DELETE UPLOADED DOCUMENT <returntomenu>menu↑<returntomenu>

Select the Trash Can <icon-trashcan>xxx<icon-trashcan> icon to delete the Uploaded Document.

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