Removing Duplicate Physicians

Physicians Menu
Removing Duplicate Physicians

Go to Resources >Physicians

If you have duplicates that you need to remove, determine which physician is the correct one.

Check the yellow piece of paper to the right of the physicians name and see what this physician is tied to that prevents it being deleted.

Change the first name of the physician you want to delete to  “DO NOT USE”.  For those that didn’t have any records tied to them, you can just delete them.

This makes it easier to decide which physician you need to choose when removing them from the records they are tied to.

Go to Patients >Patient Encounter >

Once you have removed the physician from the records they are tied to, you should then be able to go back and delete the physicians with the delete bucket.

If the physician is tied to the referral tab, you will not be able to delete this physician but will have to put in an end date and make him inactive.  Once this is done, they will not be able to use this physician any longer but this should not be a problem if he is removed from all orders he is tied to.

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