Hospice Routine Care Days Billing Override

After you bill 60 days of routine care, the rate per day for routine care changes (reduced) for all routine services processed starting with day 61. The Careficient application analyses the total number of visits you previously billed and creates the appropriate rate adjustment for all routine care days processed for days 61 and after. This type of adjustment is being used to correctly display your open receivable balance. Additionally, your open balance should reflect the reimbursement amount you expect to receive from the payment source.

Under certain situations, you may need to enter the appropriate number of routine care days previously billed to create an accurate receivables balance. An example of this would be for a patient that you started billing from a previous system that you are transitioning to the Careficient application. Since no previous billing information can be analyzed, the rate for routine care will not be adjusted correctly.

You can now enter/change the total number of records previously billed which will create an AR Transaction that will adjust the rate for the invoice.  To override the count for the number of routine days previously billed, use the following path:

• A/R menu
• Invoices option
• Find/Select an invoice
• Select the Payer Codes tab
• Select the “Edit” link that appears in the Other Codes section
• Enter the number of Routine Care days billed prior to this invoice’s timeframe
• Select the Save button

The number of days you entered for this invoice is used to create the A/R transaction adjustment for any Routine Care days that are 61 days and greater.