How Do I Add A Late Recert

  • Add new certification from Orders tab
  • Add addendum order and add the visit for the day you did your recert visit
  • Schedule the visit to yourself
  • Add service note assessment for your recertification visit
  • CMS has said that it is not necessary to discharge and readmit the patient. The clinician should visit the patient as soon as possible to complete the recertification assessment. But that’s the only simple thing about this dilemma. Here are some of the issues:
  • OASIS data submission: The agency will receive a warning message because the date of the assessment is outside the appropriate time frame. Do not, however, change the dates of the certification period or the start of care in an attempt to prevent this warning.
  • RAP submission: Do not submit the RAP for the recertification episode until the agency has OASIS data collected and locked and has made the first billable visit in the recertification episode.
  • Billing: Can the agency bill for any visits made in the recertification episode before the assessment was done? If the clinician remembered to renew the plan of care for ongoing services, but forgot the assessment, the agency has authorization for the visits in the recertification episode and can include them on the claim. However, if the clinician forgot to do the assessment, there’s a good chance he or she also forgot about the plan of care. In that case, the agency has no authorization for the visits made before the plan was renewed and cannot include them on the claim. The agency can bill for visits made after receiving proper authorization for the recertification plan.
  • Survey repercussions: If tardy assessments occur regularly, the agency can face a standard level citation for noncompliance with the Conditions of Participation, §484.55(d), update of the comprehensive assessment.