How Do I Change Charge/Reimbursement Rates Due To Agency Or Organization Payer Rate Changes?

You can make changes to one or multiple charge/reimbursement rates from the Invoices option for “billed” invoices that require a change based changes to your Agency’s charge rate or a change to the Organization payer rate.

When you use this new feature, the detailed transaction record will be reviewed for each line item that appears on the “billed” invoice. If there is a difference between the rates on the invoice and what you currently have for your Agency’s charge rate and/or Organization payer rate:

  • The row that is going to be changed will be reversed and only the updated record will show on the Services tab
  • The Transactions tab with show both the reversed transaction as well as the new transaction
  • The “billed” invoice will show the new balance

You can access this feature using the following path:  A/R > Invoices > Select one or multiple invoices that you want to change > Select “Rate change” from the Adjustment Reason drop down list (if this option does not appear in your table, it will need to be added to the table before you can use it) > Select the “Update Rates” link

If you need to reprocess the invoice, you can use the “Re-Bill” icon or the “Move to New Payer icon that appears on the Invoices page.