How Do I Change Payer From One PPS To Another PPS - After the Face (Visits Verified and Billed Under Incorrect Payer)

Patient will need to be discharged and readmitted.  To do this, follow the steps below:


  • Payroll has to be run before you can make corrections to the bill.  
  • Go to the invoice, select the adjust button for each visit that was billed to the incorrect payer.  Choose reason for adjustment (remove billed service from invoice).  Then click on Adjust.  This will make all of these visits non-billable.

Service Notes/Schedules

  • Print out all service notes (save for later to upload to the service note tab).
  • Mark all service notes incomplete and then delete them
  • Go to schedule and un-assign all visits from associates
  • Deactivate all notes that are showing up on the schedule (notes on right side of visit icon).  To deactivate, click on the note and then click on the red "x" to the left of the note.
  • Remove deactivated notes (top of patient's schedule).  You only do this once you have deactivate all notes on the schedule for the time period you are adjusting.


  • Print a copy of all orders for the time period that will be moved to the new SOC.
  • Remove all sent/received dates from orders.
  • Un-approve all orders that pertain to the time period you are removing.  Start with the most recent order first.  
  • Starting with the most recent order first, click on edit pencil, go to the bottom of order and delete it.
  • Discharge Patient
  • Add Discharge Oasis

Patient will need to be re-admitted.

  • Instead of creating the service notes all over, you can upload the previous service notes that are applicable once you have added your 485 and scheduled your visits.
  • You can upload a qualifying RN visit to stand as the SOC assessment but you will need to add the Oasis manually from the drop down on the orders tab.