How Do I Enter Service Code Modifiers For Invoice Detail Services?

You can enter/update service code modifiers for each individual service that appears on invoices except for invoices that have the following status:

  • RAP Billed (Final not billed)
  • LUPA (RAP billed, final not billed)

To enter/update service code modifiers, use the following path:

  • A/R menu
  • Invoices option
  • Find/Select and invoice
  • Select the “Adjust Transaction Coding Overrides” icon next to the service you want to change (a pop-up screen displays)
  • Select the appropriate modifier from the HCPC modifier dropdown box (you can add up to 4 modifiers as needed for billing purposes)
  • Select the Save button

NOTE: You will not be able to enter/update service code modifiers for any service that does NOT have a HCPC code in the Bill Code column on the Services tab.