How Do I Limit the Number Of Units to 4 in Organization Bill Rates?

If you have an Organization payer that does not allow more than 4 units to appear on the invoice for a specific service you are billing to that payer, you can edit the Organization bill rates to limit the number of units to 4. To accommodate the payer’s billing requirements for the maximum number of units for each service, use the following path:

  • Resources menu
  • Organization Payers option
  • Find and Select the payer
  • Select the Bill Rates tab
  • Select the “Edit Rate” icon to change the bill rate information (if you do not have bill rates entered, you will need to select the “Add Bill Rate” link and add the bill rates for each service you will bill to this payer)
  • Select “Cap billing units at 4” from the Incremental Billing Code dropdown list.
  • Select the Save button