How Do I Print Billed Invoices On Demand?

You can print an invoice through the A/R menu, Invoices option for any billed invoice (electronic or paper) that has one of the following Invoice Note Types:

  • Original Billing
  • RAP Billed
  • Reissue

The form prints based on the following Invoice Types:

  • UB04 = prints a UB04 claim form
  • HCFA = prints a 1500 claim form
  • 837I = prints on a UB04 claim form
  • 837P = prints a 1500 claim form
  • Generic = prints a generic/private pay form

To create a billed invoice, use the following path:

  • A/R menu
  • Invoices option
  • Find/Select a billed invoice (Invoice detail information displays)
  • Select the Notes tab
  • Select the “Print” icon at the far right for the invoice you want to print

The printed form displays on the screen. Use your browser options to save/print the invoice.