How Do I Remove A Billed Service Transaction From An Invoice?

You can now quickly change a specific service transaction to non- billable after the invoice has been processed and is in the “billed” status. Use the following path to access this new adjustment feature:

  • A/R menu
  • Invoices option
  • Find and select an invoice that has one of the following “billed” status types:
  • ~Billed
  • ~Final Billed
  • ~Reissue
  • ~Move to Next payer
  • ~Select the “Adjust Transaction” icon next to the transaction listed on the Services tab, A/R Invoice Service Detail section
  • ~Select “Remove billed service from invoice” from the Adjustment Reason drop down list
  • ~Select the Adjust button
  • ~This service will no longer display on Services tab in the A/R Invoice Services Detail section.

If you look at the AR Transactions tab for this invoice, you will see that the sale was reversed with “Remove billed service from invoice” as the additional description. If this record also created a contractual adjustment, the contractual adjustment will also be reversed using the same additional description.