How Do I Remove Duplicate Medications From the Medications Tab?

Once a medication is populated from the Med Tab to the 485, you can not delete it.  If your 485 hasn't been sent yet, you can fix it by going into the pencil on the 485 and deleting the incorrect medication.  Once you do this "Save and Close" the 485 only.  Do not go back in to look as they will populate back into the 485 if you do.  Then go to the Med Tab and you should have the "Trashcan" to delete the meds.  Once you have deleted them from the "med tab", and go back into the 485, it should be correct.  If you do not follow this order, or if instead of "save and closing" the 485 you "approve" it, it will not work.  Approving the 485 once you delete the incorrect meds, will repopulate it again before you can delete from the Med Tab.  Hope this helps