How Do I Reverse A Payment?

Occasionally, payments are applied in error.  You can reverse payments that were applied to the wrong invoice or service or that a payer wants to recall.  In order to reverse a payment, access the "Payments" page to perform the following steps:

  • From the "Home" page, select the "A/R" menu and click "Payments".  The "Payments" page displays
  • Find and select the payment you want to reverse.  You can reverse a portion of the payment or the entire payment.  The payment selected highlights in yellow on the page.  
  • Click the first "Apply or Reverse" green plus sign associated with the payment entry.  The "Apply Payment" page displays showing the invoices that have payments posted for this remit.
  • Locate the invoice where you want to reverse the payment.  Enter a negative number (minus sign and the amount to be reversed) in the "Amount to Apply" field.  You can reverse part or all of the payment.
  • The negative amount displays in the "Applied" column.  Because you reversed part or all of a payment, the Payment Balance increases by the same amount.  
  • Click "Apply" to finish reversing the payment.  A message displays on the page showing the cash reversal for the invoice.
  • Click "Cancel" to return to the "Payments" page.