How Do I Update the Invoice Cycle For Non-Episodic Payers?

Please see instructions below on how to update the Payers and the Patient Encounters to match the new Invoice Cycle/Frequency.

Step 1: Update Invoice Cycle (Frequency)  

Path: Resources > Organization Payers > Select Payer > Edit Payer > Invoice Cycle > Select from drop down (Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Weekly) > Save

Step 2: Update Encounters at the Payer Level. This will allow you to update the Patient Encounters that were added to the system prior to the change.

****Please make sure the Invoice Frequency Override Allowed is active in the Requirements Tab****

Invoice Allowable Overrides:

Path: Resources > Organization Payers > Select Payer > Requirements Tab. Review the Invoice Allowable Overrides

Patient Encounters where Requirements Differ:

Path: Resources > Organization Payers > Select Payer > Encounters Tab > Enter Encounter Payer Start Date From = Payer Effective Date > Encounter Status = All > Encounter Payer Status > Search

  • list of Patient Encounters will populate. **Encounters have to be updated individually**
  • ~Click on the Edit Pencil to update
  • ~Change the Invoice Cycle to match the new changes
  • ~Save
  • ~Follow the same process for every Patient Encounter