How do I view Oasis Points for my assessment?

You can now view your OASIS points for open assessments for TP#1 – Start of Care, TP#3 – Resumption of Care and TP#4 – Recert Assessments. For the “View OASIS Points” link to be available, you must have a response to:

  • M0090 – Date Assessment Completed
  • M0110 – Episode Timing
  • M2200 – Therapy Need

To access and view OASIS points information, use the following path:

  • Patients menu
  • Patient Encounters option
  • Find/Select a Patient
  • Select the “Orders” tab
  • Hover over “View actions” dropdown arrow next to the appropriate OASIS record to display a list of options
  • Select the “View OASIS Points” link to view the OASIS Points pop-up.