How Does Nurse Practitioner Sign Face-to-Face Document?

Your Nurse Practitioner can now document and sign the Face-to-Face information that appears on the Cert/Recert document (interim order form). The link to access the Nurse Practitioner Signature option will only be available under the following conditions:

  • Associate file must have Nurse Practitioner set up as their discipline
  • Cert/Recert order must be in the “approved” status
  • No Physician signature exists

Changes to the feature/process include:

  • Nurse Practitioner electronic signature shows on the “Edit Sent & Received Dates” pop-up window with a link to remove the signature if it is not to be signed at this time
  • New links available under the “View actions” option to add/delete Nurse Practitioner signature
  • Nurse Practitioner ‘s name/signature and date appear on the printed form
  • Physician Face-to-Face information will not print if the Nurse Practitioner signs the document
  • Associate file needs to have Nurse Practitioner set up as their discipline
  • If the Associate has an NPI (not required) in their Associate file, it will also include the NPI on the printed form

For the Nurse Practitioner to complete the Face-to-Face and sign the Cert/Recert interim order the Nurse Practitioner will sign-in with his/her Careficient user ID and password. After the Nurse Practitioner accesses the Careficient application, he/she will use the following path to create and sign the Cert/Recert document:

  • Patients menu
  • Patient Encounters option
  • Find/Select a patient
  • Select the Orders tab

Updating the Cert/Recert Interim Order

  • Select the “Edit interim order” icon for the Cert/Recert interim that you want to update
  • Enter any comments associated with the Face-to-Face visit in the “Physician Narrative” section
  • Select the Nurse Practitioner’s name from the Orders Completed By dropdown list (if you electronically sign this section, it is not necessary for you to select your name; the system will automatically populate this field based on your signin information)
  • Select the Signature link to electronically sign the document as the individual who completed the document (this is optional based on your agency's policy and process)
  • Select the Save/Close or Approve button (based on your security access and your agency’s policy allowing you to approve this interim order)

Entering the Face-to-Face Visit Date and Signing the Document

  • Select the “Edit Sent and Received dates” icon for the Cert/Recert that you are working with
  • Enter the Face-to-Face Visit Date
  • Enter any comments associated with the Face-to-Face visit (You will notice that your electronic signature as a Nurse Practitioner automatically appears on this popup. You can select the Remove NP Signature link if you do not want to electronically sign the document at this time)
  • Select the Save button

The document is now ready for the physician’s signature. You can separately add the Nurse Practitioner signature without updating the Face-to-Face visit date information by using the following path:

  • Hover over the “View actions” dropdown arrow
  • Select the Apply NP Signature link from the pop-up list
  • Complete the signature pop-up screen (can use system digital imprint, sign the screen or upload a likeness of their signature)
  • Select the Accept button

If you want to remove the Nurse Practitioner’s signature, use the same access path previously mentioned. After you select the dropdown arrow , next to the Cert/Recert document you want to work with, select the Remove NP Signature link from the pop-up.