Inability To Edit Service Note

Once a service note has been "voided and edited" (on service note tab), you can no longer mark that assessment incomplete.

You can still review the service note.  Once the review is completed, the associate (that made visit) can make changes to all parts of the service note (including the oasis) unless …a different person has “Unlocked and Re-Processed” the oasis on the orders tab.

On the order screen, the “reviewed/approved by” associate “Unlocked and Re-Processed” the oasis which will prevent you from making changes to your service note.  This associate needs to complete it the oasis on the orders tab and then the “Performed by” associate will need to “Unlocked and Re-Processed” this oasis on the orders tab and just save and close it.  The associate should then have the option to edit their service note.

Just keep in mind that if someone exports while the oasis is in complete status that the oasis will be exported unless you choose not to export it.  So I would wait until the associate (that made visit) that needs to void and replace the oasis is present to do so before the other associate who “Unlocked and Re-Processed” completes the oasis so that it doesn't go in export.

Also, the associate that needs to make corrections will need the privilege to void oasis in order to “Unlock and Re-Process” the oasis (if only long enough to “Unlock and Re-Process” to get it back in their name.