Medication Not Found in Drug Database

To add medications to a patient encounter (Chart), go to Patients > Patient Encounters > choose your patient > go to the Medications tab.  

When adding medications to the Medication Tab, click on the "Add Medication" link.  

This will bring up the medication entry screen.  Enter the type of order that you are adding

  • New
  • Existing
  • Changed

Enter the description of the medication and click on enter.  This will bring up a list of medications in the Drug Database to choose from.  Add your medication as you normally do but when you search, you will not find the medication in the drop down menu.  Here I have added oxygen as it is not currently in the drug database.  You can see that it did not pop-up in the drop down.

Fill out the remainder of your medication entry screen and click on either "Save/Add" or "Save/Close".  

You will get an alert "The medication you entered cannot be found in the medication database".  You will also have a link to click "Click here to add an unknown medication to the Encounter".  Click on the link to add the medication.

You will now get a warning "Warning:  Adding this medication will disable warnings and interaction information".  Click on "Save/Add" or "Save/Close" to continue.

It will add your medication as follows: