Unable To Edit The Frequency On 485

Once service notes are attached to the frequency, it locks the 485 and if is very difficulty to change it.  You will either need to write a replace discipline order (replaces what you have from the date you add the order) or an addendum order (adds to the frequency you have from the date you add the order).  Be careful with the replace discipline as you don't want to remove a visit for which you have already attached a service note to.  If there have been no service notes attached to the visits yet, you could unassigned them on the patients schedule and then the discipline within the 485 could be edited.  Please be sure when you click on "Schedule Discipline" within the 485, that you have completed the frequency for the whole cert because once it is scheduled, it is hard to change (unless you unassign).  If a service note is attached you will not be able to correct the frequency within the 485 order.